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Dredging and Beaconing

Dredging and Beaconing@MartinaDomench
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The constant increase in maritime traffic and vessel size has demanded the opening, deepening and widening of the Martín García Channel.

The natural sedimentation processes in the Martín García Channel require removal of sediment through maintenance dredging in order to allow safe navigation.

On the other hand, in order to guarantee safe navigation, the channels need to be properly marked. For this reason, the Martín García channel has 124 demarcation buoys anchored along its course. The maintenance and replacement of these buoys is called beaconing and is carried out with CARP's own vessels.

From the beginning, the dredging, beaconing and toll collection was concessioned by CARP. During the 2013-2015 period, dredging became the responsibility of state agencies of both countries, while CARP assumed the tasks of beaconing, toll collection and dredging control. As of 2016, CARP, once again in charge of dredging, concessioned this task to third parties.

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